Revenge in the Skies 

Flying can be an exciting adventure, but sometimes even the friendliest skies can turn sour. One Redditor shared a story on Reddit’s “pettyrevenge” subreddit that took place during a flight from India in August 2020. In this tale, a 14-year-old Redditor found herself at the center of a battle between her father, a mischievous child, and an entitled family.

The trouble began when a family of three took their seats directly behind the Redditor and her father. Seated just a row behind, a young boy of about 9 or 10 wasted no time in turning the peace of the cabin into chaos by relentlessly kicking the back of her seat. The young Redditor, with maturity beyond her years, promptly informed her father of the disturbance.

Her father, a calm and patient man, approached the situation delicately. He politely requested that the young boy behind them refrain from kicking the seat. Miraculously, the child obliged…for a mere ten seconds. It seemed that asking nicely would not solve the problem.

That’s when the father hatched a plan for revenge. With a sly smile, he reclined his seat as far back as it would go, causing an immediate discomfort for the family behind them. The family protested, demanding that he put his seat upright. But the father remained steadfast, refusing to budge an inch.

Unfazed by the family’s pleas, the flight attendant approached the situation with a surprising level of support for the father’s revenge. The father, now affectionately referred to as “Jerk Dad,” engaged in a conversation with the flight attendant as the family looked on with growing frustration.

“Jerk Dad” explained to the flight attendant that the family was uncomfortable with his reclined seat. The flight attendant, siding with the father, turned to him and asked, “Would you like to keep it down?” The father, seizing the opportunity for a small victory, confidently replied, “Yes, please.”

The flight attendant made his stance clear, declaring, “Well then, he can if he wants to. That’s not his problem. Have a nice flight.” With those words, he walked away, leaving the disgruntled family seething with anger and muttering under their breath.

Realizing that their plan had backfired, the parents of the kicking child exchanged harsh whispers with one another. Eventually, they managed to coerce their son into ceasing his disruptive behavior. However, the glares directed at the Redditor, her father, and the flight attendant remained.

Determined to teach the entitled parents a lasting lesson, the Redditor’s father decided to keep his seat reclined for another hour. Only after ensuring that the family had learned their lesson did he finally relent and return his seat to its upright position.

In the end, the Redditor and her father emerged triumphant from this high-altitude battle. As the plane touched down, they could reflect on their journey, knowing they had stood up for their rights in a friendly and clever way. With a sense of satisfaction, they disembarked the aircraft, leaving the troubles of the flight behind them.

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