Rich Lady Mocks Older Woman in Mall, Next Day Meets Her in Court in Judge’s Seat – Story of the Day

Amanda was a successful businesswoman who became enraged when an elderly customer at her clothing store acted ‘annoyingly.’ She yelled at the woman and tossed her out, not expecting that the tables would be turned the next day.

Amanda furrowed her brow as she read through the quarterly store reports. Sales have dropped by disconcerting numbers. Her business would suffer if things did not improve.

Amanda slammed the file close, rolling her eyes in frustration as her focus shifted to the door to the clothing store. She was already having a horrible day when she noticed her ex-husband and his lawyer strolling in through the door…

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“What the hell are you doing here, Dylan? Get out!” she demanded angrily, approaching them.

“Oh, please, Amanda! Don’t give me that attitude!” Dylan said nonchalantly, gazing around her apparel store in the small mall. “You wouldn’t want us to leave once you found out why we’re here!

“By the way,” he chuckled, “I don’t see many customers today, huh? Tell me if you’re struggling. You know…I’ll buy a little something to help you out.”

“Whatever happens to me or my store is none of your goddamn business, Dylan,” she growled as she stepped closer to him. “Don’t forget you’re standing on MY property, and I can get you kicked out in no time. Just get to the point! What are you doing here?”

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Dylan stiffened, scowling at her. “Only a woman like you can be this brazen after what you’ve done, Amanda. But you know what? You can’t get away this time!” Dylan’s eyes opened a bit too wide with excitement.

“I’m going to put you through hell. But hey, weren’t you…my sweet wifey not long ago? How can I just leave you to rot in jail?” he smirked. “So, I’ve come here to help you. Consider this visit an act of charity.”

“Ex—excuse me, Miss,” a customer patted Amanda on the shoulder. “Can I have this dress in a smaller size? The large size would be too big for me.”

“I am not a bloody salesperson!” Amanda snapped at the elderly woman. “Go talk to one of my assistants!” Then she turned to Dylan. “I don’t need your help. Get it? Out!”

“But…” the woman interrupted Amanda again. “I don’t see any around. Could you please assist me?”

“Then go choose something that fits you! Stop getting on my nerves!” Amanda sneered and turned to Dylan again.

“Plea deal,” Dylan offered Amanda. “I’m here to give you a deal, Amanda. C’mon, you know you need it! If you hand over this store’s ownership to me, I’ll drop the case, and you’ll be able to walk out a free woman!”

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“Oh, look! I found this lovely outfit, dear, and it’s the perfect size! But it’s a bit over my budget. Do I get a discount on this?” The elderly woman approached Amanda again, but Amanda ignored her.

“Are you out of your mind, Dylan?” she yelled. “When we divorced, I already gave you more than half of what I owned. And you have the audacity to ask for more? You and your stinking lawyer are no longer welcome! Get out of here!”

Dylan gritted his teeth and glared at her. “Well then, you better be prepared to face the consequences of your actions, Amanda!” he hissed. “Because this time, I’ll make sure you serve! Let’s go, Mr. Pattinson.”

“I apologize for interrupting again, but I don’t see any of your sales girls around…One of them just said she was going for lunch,” the woman said to Amanda. “I’m guessing I won’t be getting any discounts, will I?”

Amanda’s blood was boiling, and the elderly lady wouldn’t stop pleading for help. Amanda lost her cool and seized the dress from her.

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“You’re not trying it!” she snapped. “You hear me? You’re not allowed to try anything here!”

“But…” the older woman gasped. “Why can’t I?”

“Because I can clearly see you’re here for mindless window shopping!” Amanda snarled. “Lady, just admit that you don’t have the intention to buy anything from my store! And before I completely lose it…out!”

“Well, dear, that’s extremely impolite of you to say such a thing. If I had known you treated your clients like that, I would never have come here in the first place,” the woman exclaimed, irritated.

“Perfect!” Amanda scowled. “Because I hate older women like you coming here, OK? All you do—”

“Stop!” the woman raised her hand, signaling Amanda to stop talking. “I’m not going to let you disrespect me like that. Keep your clothes and attitude to yourself.”

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“Oh!” Amanda scoffed. “What are you going to do if I don’t stop, huh? Old crocks like you make me show the same dress ten times, and you still won’t recognize it, thanks to your wonky memory! Well, how about I make your life a little bit easier?

“None of the dresses here will look good on a woman who looks 70 years old. Take my advice and start shopping for a coffin instead! I bet it’ll save your family a lot of trouble!”

The woman’s jaw dropped open. “I can’t believe someone can be so blatantly insulting…” she muttered under her breath.

“I’ll make sure you regret this,” she said sternly. “I’ll see you in court, girl!”

Amanda huffed in anger as the woman stormed out of the store. “Oh, God! Another court drama?”

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Amanda had to go in court the next day to face Dylan. She sat with her lawyer, disgustedly staring at her ex-husband. When the judge entered, Amanda and everyone else in the courtroom stood.

But as her gaze was drawn to the judge’s chair, her eyes widened in shock, and blood drained from her face. “This…this can’t be! Oh God!” she whispered, her hands held to her mouth in shock.

Amanda’s gaze met the judge’s, and she observed the older woman’s unpleasant expression. Amanda couldn’t believe the woman she had insulted and berated the day before was now seated in the judge’s chair.

“What’s wrong?” Amanda’s lawyer asked, seeing her pale face. “Don’t worry; we’re going to put up a strong defense!”

“I messed up, Harrison,” Amanda said quietly. “This lady…the judge…Remember I told you about an annoying old woman at the store last night?”

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“You did not do that to her!” Harrison panicked. “Are you crazy, Amanda? You told the judge to select a coffin for herself!? Amanda, we’re done!”

“Stop blaming me!” she snarled, averting her gaze from his. “It’s not like I knew she was the judge on this case!”

“Jesus! Why did I agree to defend you in the first place?!” Harrison sighed, burying his face in his palms. “You’re probably going to get up to five years in prison, and now I’m really helpless.

“All we can do now is hope the judge doesn’t remember you…” he said, raising his head and turning to face the judge. “And well, I hate to admit it, but she just looked at you. She clearly recognizes you, and it’s over! We’re done, Amanda!” he sighed.

Judge Mallory’s voice boomed, breaking the silence of the court. “We shall now begin the trial,” she said, and Amanda’s heart began racing.

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Amanda realized she was not going to get away with what she had done. She clasped her fingers to her eyes in defeat, remembering the day it all started, the day it shattered her life forever.

A month ago: The fateful day that changed Amanda’s life…

It had been a Sunday. Amanda sat with her daughter, Mia, at the kitchen counter, watching her eat breakfast.

“Mom, I love your pancakes!” Mia exclaimed as she took a big bite. “You make the best pancakes in the world!”

Amanda smiled nervously.

“Do I?” she asked, cupping the teenager’s face. “I love you, Mia. You know, I am so glad you’re here with me. By the way,” she paused. “How was your day at your Dad’s yesterday? I hope he wasn’t busy with work like he used to be when he was with us.”

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Mia rolled her eyes and stopped eating. “Mom, please! Dad is such a sport now! You know, he grew a beard, and he looks really funny! And he keeps forgetting I’m 16 and no longer a Justin Bieber fan! He’s still got the entire Bieber playlist in his car cued up for me!”

“And…” Amanda rubbed her palms and avoided her daughter’s eyes. “Does he have anyone?” she asked, reaching for a pancake for herself. “You know, is he dating someone?”

“Mom, I don’t think you’d want to know,” Mia said, slicing her pancake. “It’s not worth it. Please.”

“Mia!” Amanda glared at the girl.

“Fine!” Mia put her fork down and looked Amanda in the eye. “He’s dating Kate, your best friend. I saw them together a couple of times, and Dad told me they were a couple. But he asked me not to tell you. And I now know why. Mom! Oh my god! What are you doing? Mom, stop!” Mia gasped.

Amanda threw her plate to the ground, shattering it and spilling her meal all over the place.

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“Mom….wha—what’s wrong with you? Please stop!” Mia said, terrified. She had never seen her mother so angry. Amanda kept throwing things around, and she wouldn’t stop, no matter how much Mia tried to talk her down.

“That drab! She’s sleeping with my ex-husband behind my back?!” Amanda screamed, tossing a vase to the floor. “I’ll see to it that she knows where she belongs.”

“Mom, stop, please!” Mia was crying as she approached her mother and hugged her. “Mom, please put the car keys down. Calm down, Mom! Don’t do anything stupid! I beg you!”

“Back off!” Amanda shoved her daughter in anger. “You do not tell me what to do, Mia! It’s between me and Kate!”

“Mom,” Mia said in tears. “Pl—please, listen to me! Mom!”

Amanda, on the other hand, was not in the right frame of mind to listen to anyone. She exited the house, slamming the door behind her. Amanda drove to Kate’s house in a rage, desperate for answers, with only one purpose in mind: to separate Kate and Dylan.

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Amanda observed her buddy in the front yard as she pulled over in front of Kate’s house. As she got out of her car, she almost slammed it shut.

“Wow!” Amanda clapped her hands, staring at Kate with piercing eyes. “Look at that glow on your face, Kate! I bet you’re sleeping really well these days. So…how good is Dylan in bed?”

“Amanda!” Kate was working in the garden and looked up. “Wha—what did you say? What are you doing here?”

“I said you are a loose woman, Kate! A manipulative homewrecker!” Amanda snarled and crossed her arms. “Did I say something wrong?”

“OK, Amanda, calm down,” Kate said as she took off her gardening gloves. “You are totally wrong about this! Look, I was going to tell you, alright?”

“What were you waiting for then?!” Amanda asked angrily. “If Mia hadn’t told me anything, I would’ve never known you two are together, Kate!”

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“Look, I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want to upset you, Amanda,” Kate said, trying to hold Amanda’s hands, but Amanda stepped back.

“Don’t you dare come closer to me!” she hissed.

“All right, fine! I’m not getting any closer to you, OK?” Kate said. “I…I just noticed how happy you were with your life in the last few months, Amanda, and I didn’t think it was a good idea to tell you about it. You had stopped seeing your therapist and were ready to move on. Honestly, this is the first time I’ve heard you mention Dylan in recent months. Believe me. I didn’t mean to hurt you!”

“What a load of tripe!” Amanda scoffed, tears springing to her eyes. “I can’t believe my best friend betrayed me!”

“Look, Amanda…you’re the one who said Dylan is a jerk and you no longer love him! I didn’t come between you two, and I swear I never looked at Dylan that way when you were together…

“Whatever happened with you and Dylan…I don’t want to talk about it. You two ended your relationship because you couldn’t stand each other. He is now a free man, and I am a free woman. What’s wrong if we’re together now?”

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“STOP!” Amanda yelled, her eyes bright red. “You know absolutely nothing about him! Do you really think he loves you?”

“Whatever you say, Amanda, it won’t affect my feelings for Dylan. Look, I love you as my best friend, but I also know you too well, Amanda,” Kate admitted helplessly. “Please, I beg you. Don’t make any dumb decisions! Please!”

“How long?” Amanda demanded. “How long have you two been together?!”

“Six months,” Kate said.

“Wow!” Amanda laughed sarcastically. “Oh dear, Kate, I must say you are a bonafide fool!”

Amanda took out her phone and displayed the text messages Dylan had given her to Kate. Dylan had made some ugly, unpleasant remarks about Kate, referring to her as a desperate woman who was always looking for opportunities with affluent guys with deep wallets.

“Look! Check it out for yourself! I can’t believe you chose him, Kate! The man who mocked you now professes love for you?” she sneered. “I mean, really? You could’ve had anyone!”

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“Put your phone down, Amanda,” Kate said, avoiding her eyes. “That’s enough.”

“Why? Did you fall out of love after reading these texts? Or are you going to tell me now that it was all a mistake and you’re very sorry?” Amanda asked angrily.

“I have seen them before,” Kate said. “He showed me the messages and admitted his mistake. I already know everything. Don’t stoop so low.”

Amanda lost her cool as Kate said that. “Don’t worry, Kate; nobody can stoop lower than you! You have set a whole new standard!” she snapped and left Kate’s house.

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Amanda arrived home late at night. She drove about town all day, attempting to distract herself, but it was futile. She felt nauseous whenever she envisioned Kate and Dylan kissing or sleeping together.

Amanda was outraged about it, not sickened by it. She couldn’t believe her husband and best friend were now together. They had betrayed her and violated her confidence.

“Was it all going on behind my back? Was Dylan lying to me when he went on those work trips? Had Kate’s eyes always been on Dylan, but I didn’t notice it?”

As Amanda returned home, her head was filled with horrible things. She wished to end Kate and Dylan’s romance. That would bring order back to her universe. So she decided to trick Mia into assisting her.

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Kate and Mia were supposed to have supper that evening, but Mia couldn’t bring herself to eat after witnessing her mother’s angry behavior earlier in the day. She sat motionless at the table, staring into space.

“Mia!” Kate called out, and the girl flinched. “Why aren’t you eating, honey? You love pizza!”

“I’m not hungry,” Mia pushed her plate away and got up to leave, but Amanda stopped her.

“I’m going to sue your father,” Amanda told her. “And I need your help.”

Mia was taken aback by what her mother had just said. She wanted to say something to her, but she couldn’t.

“Remember your father pushed you a year ago, and you broke your arm?” Amanda continued casually. “We’ll get him convicted for harming you, and he’ll go to prison. I’ll be the key witness in the case, and you will be a victim, Mia!”

“Stop it, Mom!” Mia finally shouted and took a step away from her mother. “You’re so sick! He’s my father! He didn’t push me on purpose, Mom! It was an accident! Do you even hear yourself?”

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“Mia, please—”

“You have changed, Mom!” Mia said in tears. “It’s as if I don’t know who you are…and I’m scared of you! You can do anything crazy to hurt me or Dad or even Kate! Stop it before it’s too late, Mom! I’m warning you again!”

Mia hurried upstairs to her room, closing the door behind her. Amanda sagged onto the couch, burying her face in her palms. Her life appeared to be coming apart, and she was at a loss for what to do. Her daughter didn’t grasp what she was saying. Her closest companion had deceived her.What had she done to deserve such a miserable existence?

Amanda’s eyes welled up with emotions as she recalled her marriage’s early days. Everything had been so flawless. Dylan was a loving and kind husband, and they had purchased a nice home in a quiet neighborhood with the intention of raising a small family there someday.

Then one day, they had a huge fight, and everything fell apart. Amanda couldn’t recall how the quarrel started, but it stretched their relationship to the point where every conversation became an argument. Dylan finally admitted that he couldn’t stand being with her any longer, and Amanda finally confessed she felt the same way about him.

She, too, was tired of their daily squabbles, and they decided that divorce was the best way out of the sinking ship. But during the asset division, Amanda was only left with one of the three stores she had inherited after her father’s death. The other two went to Dylan.

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The day she found out she was losing almost everything, Amanda still wiped her tears away, telling herself everything would be fine. She stood up to head to her bedroom, but her attention was pulled to an envelope on the living room table beneath the newspaper.

Amanda sunk back onto the couch as she lifted it up to read it, her tears not stopping.

Kate and Dylan were getting married. The envelope contained a wedding invitation addressed to Mia.

Amanda burst into her daughter’s room. “Why did I not know about this, Mia?” she shouted, tossing the wedding invitation on the floor. “You didn’t even bother to tell me about it?”

Mia’s eyes were red and puffy from crying as she looked up. “Dad invited me…” she said quietly. “But I was scared of you, so I didn’t tell you. Look at your face, Mom! That’s exactly what I was afraid of!”

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“Wow! So you’ve all teamed up against me, haven’t you? My backstabbing best friend is marrying my greedy ex-husband, my daughter is invited to their wedding, and I’m the last to know. And my daughter thinks she shouldn’t tell her mother about the wedding because her mother is a psycho!” Amanda yelled. “Ain’t I right, Mia?”

“Right, Mom!” Mia hissed. “That’s what you are! A maniac! All you think about is yourself! Now if you’re done, please leave my room! I’ve had enough of you!”

“You’ll know how it feels when you step in my shoes someday, Mia! I can’t believe even my daughter betrayed me!” Amanda said and walked away.

Amanda was not herself on the day of Dylan and Kate’s wedding. As she saw her daughter dress in a magnificent red gown for the ceremony, she chugged another glass of wine. Amanda was already on her second bottle and her head was hammering.

She kept going, though, since that was the only way she could forget Dylan and Kate’s betrayal. But, a few hours after Mia had left, Amanda had another thought.

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She didn’t deserve to drink wine and be lonely, in her opinion, because she hadn’t done anything wrong. The wrong people in her life were getting married and starting a new life.

“They don’t deserve happiness while I’m left here to be miserable!” Amanda thought angrily, a plan brewing at the back of her mind.

She tossed the wine glass aside and marched to her room…to get ready for her revenge and crash Dylan and Kate’s wedding.

Amanda’s eyes widened in dread as she saw the lovely arrangement in Dylan’s backyard. The entire wedding location was decked out in flowers and lovely lights. Dylan had also selected lilies, which were originally Amanda’s favorite flowers.

Then Amanda observed a radiant Kate in a bridal gown approaching Dylan. His face was beaming, and he couldn’t take his gaze away from Kate. Amanda’s stomach churned as she saw them together.

“Do they really think they can be happy after ruining my life?” she fumed.

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Amanda dragged the massive firework display from her car to the venue and shouted at the top of her voice, “Congratulations, cheaters! How about we make the celebration better?”

Amanda lighted the flame, and as the fireworks erupted in a spectacular show, the visitors were thrown into mayhem. Someone booted the launcher, forcing it to tip over and release the fireworks on the visitors’ level.

“Amanda! OMG! Stop that thing!” Dylan shouted from the altar, but Amanda wouldn’t listen.

“You deserve it, Dylan! HAPPY WEDDING!” she screamed. “And you too, Kate! Aren’t you both just loving it?!”

The wedding tent caught fire and quickly spread to Dylan’s rooftop. Mia was severely burned in the midst of the turmoil.

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“Mom!” Mia snapped at Amanda as the fireworks finally ended. “You see this? Huh?” she barked, pointing at her burnt arm. “You are crazy! Absolutely crazy! I hate you, Mom! This is the last day you’ll ever see me! I’m moving in with Dad!”

Amanda’s joy faded as she learned this. That was the moment she realized she had lost all of her loved ones. Her husband, closest friend, daughter, and everyone else.


Amanda raised her gaze to the judge, ready for whatever came her way. She didn’t have much of a choice in the matter.

Amanda was on the stand, and out of fear, she had confessed everything. Amanda was prepared to face the repercussions of her conduct as the verdict was about to be read.

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“Based on Miss Howards’ statement,” Judge Mallory announced, snapping Amanda out of her thoughts. “The court has come to the decision that Miss Howards is guilty.

“The verdict—taking into account the difficult psychological state of the accused and difficult life circumstances, the court sentences Miss Howards to 250 hours of correctional work and compensation for material and moral damages to the victim.

“I hope this serves as a lesson to anyone who doesn’t hesitate to cross lines to get their revenge. Taking the law into your own hands will only worsen things in your life. See what it does to your loved ones. Vengeance is incredibly short-sighted. You never heal by breaking something,” Judge Mallory finished, looking at Amanda.

Amanda couldn’t help but notice the older woman’s slight smirk as she stood alone, watching the judge leave. That final statement she said had a kind tone to it. Amanda paid Dylan and Kate a visit a few days later. Dylan moved away from her when he came in the doorway.

“God, no! Not you again!” he cried, trying to close the door, but Amanda stopped him.

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“What do you want?” he asked. “Look, killing me here would be a terrible idea, Amanda! You see those,” he pointed to the surveillance cameras. “I have them all over my home. You kill me; you go to jail! And I bet you it’s just not worth it!”

Amanda sighed as she averted her gaze. “I’m here to apologize and give you a wedding gift. Sorry for what I did. I mean it,” she said.

Amanda presented Dylan with a gift envelope containing a honeymoon package. Then she abruptly left his and Kate’s lives.