Richard Gere’s 8-Bedroom, 9-Bath Estate Complete With Stables Is On Sale For $28 Million 

Richard Gere and wife Alejandra Silva are kissing their $28 million Pound Ridge, New York estate goodbye. The property, which looks more like a resort, has been owned by the actor for over two decades. He bought up multiple plots of land over the years to create the massive home he has now, which is the perfect retreat for anyone who leads a busy life in Manhattan.

With over 48 acres (yes, you read that correctly), the main house boasts 11,658 square feet with eight bedrooms, nine full bathrooms and two half-baths. There are also additional buildings on the property that double as an office, a six-stall barn and a shed. But we think the landscaping and outdoor amenities really sell this place. The lush greenery and magnificent views from every direction make this home feel like every day is a vacation.

There is no shortage of activities — from a dip in the pool to kicking a ball around on the soccer field — Gere definitely knew how to live it up on his estate. But we doubt the Pretty Woman star is missing his old place too much, he and Silva have already moved onto a property in nearby North Salem, where they are busy buying land surrounding their new house — he’s ready to create vacation estate 2.0.

Don’t miss the spectacular photos of this idyllic home — we call dibs on the bedroom nestled in the corner — and be sure to check out more images of the estate at Dirt.

Richard Gere house exterior

Resort Living

Is this a home or a resort reminding us of the Catskills location for Dirty Dancing? This sprawling estate has everything a homeowner needs to feel like they are on a permanent vacation. 

Richard Gere house kitchen

Quaint Kitchen

The kitchen is a blend of pastoral wood floors matched with upscale marble counters and high-end appliances — it’s a chef-ready place to cook.

Richard Gere house living room

Cozy Living Room

This intimate spot with the oversized couches shows how a large room can function as a cozy area. 

Richard Gere house porch

Lush Greenery

This is the ideal spot to end the day and sip a refreshing cocktail with friends. 

Richard Gere house primary suite

Stunning Views

The fireplace is lovely, but we are drawn to the wall of windows showcasing the magnificent scenery outside. 

Richard Gere house bathroom

Luxurious Bathroom

The standalone tub is the focal point in the large primary suite bathroom with plenty of room to get ready for the day.

Richard Gere house kid's bedroom

Relaxing Bedroom

This bedroom offers natural light and a place of serenity with the bed tucked into the wall under the archway.

Richard Gere house stables

Plenty of Room to Keep Horses

The stunning light-wood stables is the perfect place for an equestrian to take care of their horses. 

Richard Gere house boathouse

A Romantic Boathouse

The colorful foliage in the hills, and the beautiful lake to enjoy an afternoon on a rowboat, screams romance to us.  

Richard Gere house pool

A Countryside Pool

The pool blends right into the gorgeous landscaping with rustic wood chairs to complement the countryside setting.