Rick Harrison of “Pawn Stars” Files for Divorce in a Secretive Manner

In a surprising turn of events, Rick Harrison, the popular star of “Pawn Stars,” has quietly divorced his wife, Deanna. While this news may come as a shock to most, it seems that Rick and Deanna managed to keep their separation under wraps. The legal documents, recently discovered by our sources, reveal that Rick filed for divorce in Clark County, Nevada on July 1, 2020, almost seven years after their wedding.

The timing of the filing is quite intriguing. It occurred in the midst of the pandemic and during the nationwide protests sparked by the tragic death of George Floyd. These events likely played a role in the divorce going unnoticed by the public eye.

In the legal papers, Rick explains that over the course of their marriage, their interests, thoughts, and overall compatibility had significantly diverged. It became clear to both Rick and Deanna that their differences had made their marriage untenable, leaving no hope for reconciliation.

Initially, Deanna requested alimony in response to the divorce filing. However, according to the same documents, the former couple reached a settlement agreement in September 2020, resolving all matters including alimony, support, and division of property.

Given Rick’s impressive net worth of $9 million, it is safe to assume that he is now one of the most sought-after bachelors of the moment.

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