She knows how to surprise! The new image of Jennifer Garner is making headlines on network

Garner cut her hair and dyed it pink! Ben Affleck’s ex-wife showed her entirely new image on the cover of Allure magazine which resulted in mixed reactions!

See her new hairstyle in this article!

Jennifer Garner, apart from being a popular and successful star, is also well-known for her brightness and fearless experimenting with her hair. She proudly showcased her chic bob on the cover of Allure magazine which came as a big surprise.

The star also tried on several other wigs including dusty pink strands, a striking red bob and a blonde look inspired by the vintage style. She is always there to promote hair care products emphasizing the importance of regular cleansing and applying sunscreen.

When being asked about how she manages to maintain her health and timeless beauty, she never misses a chance to accentuate the crucial role of a balanced diet and daily workouts. She serves as a prime example of a self-disciplined woman.