Special needs boy is rejected before school dance, only to have date show up making mom lose it

Finding a date to a school dance when you’re 17 is the only thing better than going alone.

Even while it may not seem like a major concern in the overall scheme of things, being alone as a teenager can be the equivalent of social disaster. As a result, not finding a mate can seriously undermine one’s self-confidence.

Arizonan Daniel Revis, 17, is much like any other adolescent. He dreams big and is kind and upbeat. The fact that Daniel has Down’s syndrome is the only distinction.

Sadly, he was unable to find a date for his school dance despite his best efforts.Daniel Revez, 17, was excited for his school dance until he realized no girls were interested in going with him.

His mother was devastated by this. All of the girls Daniel had tried to talk to had rejected him. The closer the dance day got, the more unhappy Daniel became at the prospect of going alone. Kylie then made her way into his life.

After learning that Daniel didn’t have a date, Kylie had a suggestion for him. She asked him whether he would want to accompany her.

“I don’t think of kids that have a disability as being different,” Kylie reports. “I think of them just being a normal person, learning in a different way.”

When word of Kylie’s heroic act reached every student in the building. Someone suggested bringing an unexpected Fox5 TV crew to the homecoming dance to conduct an interview with the couple. When Fox5 asked for a Rolls Royce to transport Kylie and Daniel to the dance in style, they had just finished taking the anticipated pre-dance pictures.

There was more to it, though. On the way, they stopped at a posh eatery so that the three of them could have lunch with Daniel’s mother.

“I usually drive past here often, but always think it’s completely impossible to bring the kids here because it’s so expensive,” Daniel’s mom told Fox5.

But that wasn’t the end of it. No, Fox5 stated that they were sending Kylie and Daniel to Disneyland with their families after they had a good time at the homecoming dance.Watch the entire Fox5 documentary below to see Kylie and Daniel have the time of their lives.

This has definitely warmed my heart. This only serves to confirm the proverb “the more you give, the more you get back.”

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