Star of “My Three Sons,” Dawn Lyn, was hospitalized and is currently fighting for her life with her husband by her side.

This popular young actress is in a life-or-death situation. We need to pray.

According to her former co-stars, Dawn Lyn, the former child star best known for the television series My Three Sons, has been fighting for her life after collapsing during a brain surgery.

Dawn’s health situation was originally mentioned on social media by Stanley Livingson and Tina Cole.

Leif Garrett, Lyn’s brother, verified the claims as genuine after word got out.

He added that his sister, Dawn, “never wanted anyone to know about the procedure.” “Since it has already been a trying time—our parents and a cousin passed away recently—I would really appreciate everyone’s understanding since it has been exposed on social media. Just remember to pray for my sister and to respect the privacy of our family. I’m grateful.”

A Garrett spokeswoman stated that the family will not make any other comments regarding Dawn’s health.

One among those who discussed Dawn’s health was Chip Douglas, who portrayed Lyn’s brother on the show.

He stated a few days ago, “Just found out my little TV Sis’, DAWN LYN (Dodie), is in a coma and struggling for her life. “She recently underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor.

“Kindly give up a prayer for her quick and complete recovery. Dawn and I had lunch together a few months ago. Reminiscing about our MTS days was a lot of fun. One of the kindest people I have ever met. Her husband John is also in our thoughts and prayers right now. This is terrible news!”

He later updated the post, saying, “She is still fighting meningitis while unconscious. She has healthy vital signs and brain waves. The medical staff is actively battling the bacterial illness. They have hope.”

Dawn became well-known when she took the spotlight in the final three seasons of My Three Sons, which at the time became a tremendous hit.

After the show ended, Dawn worked as an actress for many more years.

Her family and her 16-year spouse, William John Reese, are by her side in hopes and prayer while her health is still critical.

Dawn and her family are in our prayers. We hope she gets better as quickly as possible.