Stop what you’re doing and read this. She made a Facebook error that cost her her kid! Parents, please be extremely careful.

Everyone desires the safety of their child. Every parent wants to keep their kids safe from any threat that could be lurking around. The internet, and specifically social networks, are among the most dangerous locations.

We have the ability to stay in touch with people thanks to social networks. However, a variety of individuals with less than honourable purposes frequently use these social media platforms.

Facebook is one of these social media platforms. Many individuals, especially kids, are unaware of how to protect themselves when using these social networks and are unaware of what to do and what to stay away from.

It is also the the case of this lady who allowed her child to browse Facebook without supervision, oblivious to the dangers she is exposing herself to.

Her little daughter once got a friend request from an unknown person.

She didn’t imagine anything could go wrong in accepting the friend request. Even that person’s profile photo provided reassurances that everything was well.

The girl’s mother routinely posted comments on Facebook with her and even included the name of the school she attends since she was so happy that her daughter went to school. However, she will soon see what a huge error she made.

The Facebook user who appeared innocent and was friends with the woman’s kid took the picture of the girl from Facebook and then posted it on a website with the words:

Only six years old, American girl! The price is $10,000.

Nobody ever imagined that posting a picture of your kid and a picture of the school where you go to school could result in such a disaster.

One day, when the mom went to pick up her daughter from school and discovered that she was not there, everything changed. No one had seen her nearby. That person, who had made up a fake account on Facebook, also kidnapped her daughter.

Although it appears unbelievable and awful, this tragedy offers us a valuable lesson: parents should be cautious about what they publish on social media that involves personal information.

Make sure your account is secured so that no others may see any child-related images or information, such as the schools they attend.  Even if someone’s reputation looks trustworthy, avoid making friends with somebody you do not know.

Parents wouldn’t want molesters and pedophiles to download photos of their kids and exploit them for their own evil ends. Spread the word about this article to as many people as you can.