Strange looking contraption has the entire internet scratching its head

Men are occasionally left perplexed by the assortment of devices women utilize for daily maintenance. Many posts you come across have a picture of a typical everyday item for women in the text and ask men to identify it.

This appears to be one of those cases where a lot of people were left in disbelief, unable to identify the device.

If you want to laugh out loud and have your curiosity finally satisfied, keep reading.

A Reddit user was left scratching their head after discovering an odd-looking device. The consumer was unsure of the product’s potential applications.

The only indication they had was that the product was marked “Decathlon,” which suggested it had something to do with physical activity or sports.

The user begged for answers in a Reddit community post. They wrote, “my mind is in the gutter drawing blanks.” Unable to come up with an answer for what the product did, the user turned to social media for help.

Their curiosity was quickly piqued after they shared a photo of the odd gadget when an informed person responded to the initial query and revealed what it was!

It was an easy-to-use abdominal exerciser! It’s described as a compact ab workout online. So, how does using this gadget aid in your abs workout? It’s very easy. In order to avoid putting undue strain on your neck during your ab workout, the device was made to assist you in correcting your posture.

This device is ideal for anyone who experiences tension in their neck during crunches; it prevents your neck muscles from working too hard and becoming tense or cramped. For those who exercise at home using just their own body weight, this gadget is ideal! Basically, you grab the two handles on either side, put the remaining portion behind your head, and perform standard ab crunches.

Many people were perplexed by the device’s picture. Furthermore, it’s hard to comprehend the intended use of the product simply by gazing at the picture!

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    This is such a simple explanation for something made overly complicated! What do you think about this device?

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