Straw instead of hair! The teen who was afraid of hairdressers gets his first haircut for 10 years

The guy was afraid of hairdressers and didn’t comb and cut his hair for 10 years!

What he looked like when he first visited a barber’s shop for the very first time in a decade can be found in this article!

The child who dreamed of growing hair and look like surfers hadn’t cut his hair for a decade. This is something which is hard to believe since Instead of hair there was a huge and dirty lump of hair on his head.

However, far not everyone is aware of the true reason why he was afraid of cutting his hair all this time. The whole thing is that he has a rare mental disorder and is afraid of scissors. He didn’t even let his parents cut his hair.

One day, he found enough courage and went to a barber-s shop with his father named Antony. The hairdresser was James Williams who was terrified of seeing his hair. It was definitely one of the hardest works but he managed to complete it.

Now, the guy can boast of having a very stylish hairdo and looks much more handsome and nicer.