Teacher Mocks Quiet Girl Day by Day – Her Classmate Has Enough & Secretly Records Every Insult

Students’ lives can be significantly impacted by their teachers. Others encourage youngsters with low self-esteem to develop their talents and explore their inherent potential. Some teachers urge students to follow their passions and achieve great things.

However, some educators have the potential to emotionally damage and discourage their students.

An anonymous Reddit user described their interactions with one of these professors, claiming that the teacher frequently and persistently teased her students.

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According to the Reddit user, she would make fun of their voices, appearance, grades, attire, and even publicly stated that she didn’t think depression was a legitimate condition.

Initially modest, the teacher’s comments grew bolder over time until she finally mocked the user’s voice in front of the entire class in the middle of a lesson. But after a new student joined the school and the teacher became fascinated on her, things took a terrible turn.

The Mockery Escalated

The new girl, who the author of the article simply referred to as “Smol,” was immediately friendly. Despite the fact that her family life was difficult, she remained cordial with all of her peers. She frequently showed up to class smelling like her dad chain smoked and wearing old hand-me-down clothes, the Redditor recalled.

Seeing Smol so harshly and rudely insulted in front of all her peers made the Reddit user’s blood boil.

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Smol also struggled with a few mental health issues. Notably, she battled depression, and youngsters frequently picked on her. She enrolled in the same class as the Reddit member who posted the tale, and the instructor immediately began making fun of Smol. She emphasized her appearance and supported bullying, which pulled Smol deeper into hopelessness.

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Although the new girl’s situation was obvious to the entire class, not much was done to assist her. While the teacher ignored them, other kids harassed her in class.

One day, the teacher, who frequently engaged in this activity while grinning cloyingly, summoned everyone to her table to respond to a question.

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When it was Smol’s turn, the teacher inquired about her favorite kind of music. The girl said that she didn’t have a favorite genre. The young girl stormed out of class in tears after the teacher made a nasty remark about Smol’s depressed tendencies in a loud voice, leaving the class in shock.

Bringing the Teacher Down to Earth

The Reddit user’s blood ran hot at witnessing Smol being so scathingly and cruelly degraded in front of all of her friends. “I raged about how inappropriate and unacceptable this was,” they said. And I asked for justice. They were going to take action in response to the educator’s ongoing oppression and eventually came up with a straightforward yet successful strategy.

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Every class they attended with the teacher was being secretly recorded by the user. The user recorded every time she made fun of a pupil, compiling a list of all the incidents after school. They eventually gathered a torrent of epithets, many of which were directed at Smol.

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After a month of gathering proof, the Redditor emailed the principal of the school the compilation of insults along with a letter pleading with him to take action against the abuse the kids experienced practically every day. Fortunately, the teacher’s behavior horrified the principal, who promptly intervened.

The teacher was summoned, given a formal reprimand, and made to apologize to the class, specifically to Smol. The teacher’s husband, who was a coworker at the institution, was astounded by what his wife had been doing to the children. Naturally, she was fired from her work, had her reputation destroyed, and it appears that her husband also suffered greatly.

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The original poster was commended by other users in the comments for sharing the story and was dubbed a “hero” for resisting the teacher’s verbal assault.

Smol and the Redditor eventually developed close friendships, and when someone enquired “Is Smol now okay?” the poster responded that she was doing much better.