The incredible weight loss of Travolta’s heiress is making headlines on the network

This is what losing the mother did to her! ???????? Travolta showed his daughter who has dramatically lost weight and looks unrecognizable! ????????

For those who don’t know, the wife of Travolta passed away in 2020 leaving her family in tears and sorrow.  The man still hasn’t recovered from such an irreversible loss showing that he needs her today, even after three years.

The incredible weight loss of the daughter of Travolta has become the subject of heated discussions. It was after the departure of her mother when she started to dramatically lose weight.

«What a beauty she has become!», «I barely recognized her! Wow!», «This is what the loss of the mother did to her!», «In one word – STUNNING!», «Her mother would definitely be proud of her!».

«I can’t take my eyes off this angelic beauty!», «She inherited all the best features  from her parents!», «I feel sorry for your loss!», «How unfair life sometimes can be!».

«What a beautiful family!», «What stress can do to a person!», «Totally unrecognizable!».