The man brought his dad to a care facility. His 5-year-old kid greeted him at the door and asked him a question that left him speechless.

It does not have to be tough to respect and care for our parents. One day it will be time for us to show them how much we love them and to give them the best. They lived for us and gave us everything.

He took the old father to the old people’s home since he had become a burden to him, and when he came home, his 5-year-old son questioned him:

Did you write down the address where you took my grandfather?”

“Do you want to visit him?”

– I need to know where to take you when you get old too… ”

The son asked the right question to his father.

Because you will be treated the same manner you have treated others.

Setting a good example for your children is crucial if you want them to realize how precious their parents are and why you shouldn’t abandon them as they age. Give them love and attention instead.

No matter how old they are, you should always love and respect your parents since nobody else can really connect to and support you.