The narrowest house on the Globe, One of the world’s strangest houses was found in Bristol

Who on Earth would live here, and why was this house built?

It’s difficult to believe anyone could live in this incredibly unusual home after taking a peek! Check out the images in this article!

Bristol is home to one of the most unusual and bizarre houses on the planet. It is surprisingly narrow, measuring no more than 60 centimeters, making it hard for anyone to imagine that anyone could ever live here.

The 59-year-old Andy Watson is the home’s owner and has, oddly enough, lived here for about 20 years.

When the man’s brother paid him a visit one day, he became intrigued and questioned how someone could possibly live there.

The grandfather was so taken aback to see the apartment building where he was living that he was at a loss for words.

He acknowledged that he had never noticed it before and that living here was perfectly comfortable for him.