A Redditor, u/Flashy_Guess7973, had shared a story, a problem from her marriage and her nanny. She shared the story on Reddit’s r/TwoHotTakes subreddit. She explained that her nanny decided to quit her job, after her husband had acted weirdly, after he saw the nanny in the bathroom, half naked.

The mother and wife, the OP stated she had hired their 21-year-old nanny, while she was pregnant with her second child. OP said that her first child was 2 at that time. She had no family members, and her mother-in-law was not in good terms with her, and her friends had no experience with taking care of a baby, she needed a nanny.

OP described the nanny as, “She is always on time, she’s very clean, an amazing cook, really fun with the girls, and a good teacher as well.”
And OP continued with saying that her husband and their nanny never met more than once, and that was the Zoom call they had received before hiring her. Due to his job, her husband was leaving the house before the nanny arrived, and coming from his job, after the nanny was out.

Then, one day, her husband got sick, and worked from home. OP explained that to be able to observe the children, they were leaving the door of the bathroom slightly open. And as the nanny forget that the husband was at home, she opened the door ajar, and that led husband to see her half naked.

After that incident, nanny was too uncomfortable that she had apologized constantly. As OP stated that it was just an accident, and there were no ill thoughts behind it, so it was okay for her.

But the behaviour of her husband had changed drastically, after he saw the nanny half naked. He started to leave the house late, and come earlier than usual, which led him to have conversations with their nanny.

OP shared that their nanny was uncomfortable with her husband’s behaviour against her, as he was asking too much private questions about her love life, and taste of men.

When he needed to work from home again, a while later, the nanny spoke with OP, and she talked with her husband, that their nanny was uncomfortable with his efforts in talking to her, so her husband had apologized if he offended her, and worked on the upstairs, which he was not going downstairs.

OP shared, “he “accidentally” forgot his coffee and went to get it while our nanny was there,” then he started to ask weird questions about nanny’s love life, and her taste in men. OP explained, “He asked her how was her weekend which she responded “good” and then he had the nerve to ask her if she saw her boyfriend. She responded no and that she didn’t have one. He went on to ask her what type of men she was into.”

As they went upstairs, OP started to yell at her husband about making their nanny uncomfortable, she noticed that her husband was watching their nanny through the nanny cam at his home office.

And one day, her husband made their nanny quit from her job. As the OP was sick that day, she couldn’t left her room. As her nanny explained to her, OP’s husband had sexually harrassed the nanny, as he held the nanny from her shoulders, and moved her to left, while she was staying in front of the fridge, as he didn’t said, “excuse me”, and didn’t wanted her to move aside.
OP shared, “I woke today to see a text from her that she was quit because she didn’t feel comfortable coming to the house anymore. I texted and called her and she hasn’t picked up.”

The Redditors who read the story, had shared many comments about the husband of the OP, and how an awful person he was. They had accused the husband with being a sexual predator, and adviced to OP that she should move away from her husband, and call him “ex-husband.”

A Redditor had commented as, “Let’s be honest here. Your husband sexually harassed your employee, and made her so uncomfortable she had to quit her job without notice for fear for her safety, because he was now actively touching her while saying sexual things, fetishizing her because of her race, and basically laying the groundwork to play out some nanny/boss porn fantasy he’s been harboring since he accidentally saw her half naked.”

The Redditor continued as, “Besides the fact that he was clearly attempting to cheat on you, in your own house, he is clearly a scumbag and predator, who has little to no respect for women. He doesn’t seem to respect her, since she made is very clear she didn’t reciprocate his interest, yet he didn’t back off. And he very obviously doesn’t respect you, as he did all of this either in front of you or with you in the house.”

“Let’s be 100% clear on this: had she been into him, he 100% would be actively banging the nanny right now. The only reason he didn’t “technically cheat” is because SHE didn’t want him.”

The Redditor concluded their comment as, “You need to make some hard decisions right now, whether that be marriage counseling, separation or something else. And let the nanny know you’d like to give her severance and an AMAZING reference for her future employment, and hope to God she doesn’t decide to sue.”

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