These Quick And Unexpected Comebacks Will Make You Laugh So Hard

Sometimes a witty answer can have hilarious and unexpected results.

These stories highlight instances when a flash of humour made things right.

One late evening, a husband texted his wife, asking her to make his favourite cuisine and wash his soiled clothing before he came home. It surprised me that no one responded.

Unfazed, he texted his wife again, telling her that he was going to purchase her a new automobile and that his salary increased. “OMG, really?” the happy wife exclaimed in response. “No, I just wanted to make sure you got my first message,” the spouse replied.

In another story, a guy found his ten-year wife packing her luggage when he got home.

Perplexed, he asked where she’s going. With confidence, his wife answered, “I’m heading to Las Vegas! I’ve found that some men will pay me $500 in cash to provide the services I perform for you for free!”

The man, taken aback by her disclosure, considered for a while before choosing to pack his own bags. He said, “I’m going to Las Vegas with you,” in response to his wife’s questions about his behaviour.

“How are you going to survive on $1,000 a year? I’m very curious!” His wife was speechless by his humorous reaction.

On another occasion, elderly woman was waiting calmly for a space in a packed parking lot. But then a young man in a brand-new red Mercedes sped by her and pulled at the very area she was staring at.

The old woman approached the man, agitated, and said, “I was going to park there!” With an arrogant demeanour, the man answered, “That’s what you can do when you’re young and bright.” The elderly woman chuckled at this clever response that emphasised the gap between generations.

These humorous stories serve as a helpful reminder that having a sharp sense of humour and fast thinking can produce unexpected results in day-to-day situations.

Thus, accept your wit and allow it to lighten up and make you laugh in conversations!

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