They Tore Mom Down When Writing Her Obituary

When someone we love dies, one of the duties that often falls on the family members is to write an obituary. These are often tributes to the individual that are considered nice and sometimes, perhaps even a little fluffy.

Although there are many families that want to honor the individual who died in the best way possible, not all are out there to write the most glowing obituary you could read. In fact, some families are going to go out of their way to be brutally honest in the obituary.

The thing about obituaries is the fact that it is not something that is hidden behind closed doors. They are published in papers and sometimes, they may even be shown online. As a result, dozens or perhaps hundreds of people may see the obituary.

In the example of the obituary we have for you below, things obviously were not always rosy in the household. Two adult children of the deceased, Kathleen Dehmlow sat down to pen an obituary about their late mother, and everybody in the town had the opportunity to read it.

At the beginning, it seems like a standard obituary but if you continue on until the end, you see that there were obvious problems in the family. In fact, the last line is one that is shocking, although it is somewhat funny in a strange way.

The Redwood Falls Gazette is the local paper that originally published the obituary. There was so much backlash that came in about the obituary that they ended up pulling it.

What was written in the obituary was confirmed by a family member. Of course, by this point, the obituary had gone viral. It may have even had more views if they had written “a lot of stuff that is missing” in the piece.

Dwight, the family member who spoke with the publication has a different view of the matter. He said she made a mistake 60 years ago but she regretted it over the years and we all make mistakes.

The writer of the obituary decided to go out with hate and he said it was going to hurt a lot of people.

Some people even questioned if the obituary was actually published in the paper. The paper’s CEO and founder spoke about it, saying it was not illegal to publish an obituary, regardless of its content.

He went on to say that the content standards of their newspaper partners are high so they took the complaints seriously and reviewed the obituary.

By this point, you are probably interested in knowing what was in the obituary, and we can’t blame you. No worry, we have it right here for you to see: