This young man hails from London, Canada, and spent his formative years as an ordinary boy in Stratford, Ontario, engaging in activities like hockey and soccer.

Raised in a low-income household by his devoted Christian mother, she held ambitious dreams of becoming an actress during her teenage years, only to have her plans altered when she became pregnant at 18.

Throughout the boy’s upbringing, his mother prayed for him to become a voice for his generation, akin to a modern-day Prophet Samuel. Despite facing financial challenges, she worked tirelessly in low-paying office jobs to provide for their modest needs.

Recounting their humble living conditions, the boy mentioned their state-subsidized housing with “Yellow shag carpets and mice.”

Despite their meager circumstances, the boy held onto his dreams. Balancing his identity as an athlete and chess player, he nurtured a secret passion for music.

Teaching himself to play the piano, guitar, and trumpet while taking drum lessons, his early love for drumming was cultivated during church visits where he would watch the drummer, confessing, “Ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved music.”

Even amid their financial struggles, the boy’s mother remained his biggest supporter, uploading videos of him covering soul songs on YouTube. Though unable to afford drum sets, she bought him drumsticks, allowing him to drum on the floor.

At the age of 12, he participated in a local talent contest, securing the second spot with a rendition of Ne-Yo’s “So Sick.” His mother’s dedication to showcasing his talent extended to sharing videos on YouTube, enabling friends to witness his performances.

As the boy’s musical talent blossomed, his fortunes changed. From squealing pop tunes while brushing his teeth to busking in front of a Stratford theatre during a summer, he earned close to $3,000.

This windfall allowed him to fulfill a dream for his family, taking them on their first-ever vacation to Disneyland. The boy, once constrained by financial limitations, now enjoys the privilege of entering a restaurant without glancing at the menu.

Reflecting on his past, Justin Bieber acknowledged that they were financially limited, but he cherished a joyful childhood. The scarcity of resources instilled in him a deep appreciation for money.

Justin’s grandfather, Bruce Dale, described him as a good kid with a relentless work ethic, coupled with his talents, propelling him to global influence in contemporary popular music.

Justin Bieber’s journey to stardom began with his YouTube videos, catching the attention of Scooter Braun, an Atlanta party promoter and emerging figure in the music industry.

Braun was initially searching for a different YouTube sensation but was captivated by Justin’s singing prowess. Determined to find him, Braun traced Justin’s busking video to his school and, with persistence, reached out to Pattie, Justin’s mother.