Tori Roloff Tells Husband She Isn’t Appreciated for Her Mothering Efforts: “You Don’t Give Me Any Credit”

Tori Roloff is talking to her husband, Zach Roloff, about her difficult parenting tasks on a recent Little People, Big World episode. She began the conversation by expressing how much she enjoys being a mother, but she also stated that she has limits, which she had just met.

She discusses the guilt’ she feels whenever she yells or gets upset at her children, especially on days when she lacks patience, which every parent can relate to. Tori challenged her husband’s claim that he does not feel ‘dad guilt’ when he yells at the kids.

Reversing his previous statement, Zach admits that he does feel guilty “now and then,” but it is not the same guilt that Tori feels, which she agrees with. Tori’s guilt stems from not feeling she did enough for her children that day. Zach gets it from doing or saying something he shouldn’t.

During a confessional, Tori Roloff revealed that even though she was joking around with her husband, she was being serious about what she was saying. The conversation slightly deteriorated when Zach started laughing after she took issue to him saying that she rarely yelled.

“Honestly, Zach, this is why I get overwhelmed. “Honestly, because you don’t give me any credit for anything,” Tori responded to his denial of her previous claim. She then asked him if he wanted to know what had hurt her feelings the other day, to which he laughed again.

“You don’t even care,” she said before explaining an incident while preparing her child’s lunch. Instead of saying, ‘Tori, thank you for making our children lunch,’ Zach remarked on her, ‘just trying to make it look cute’ at the time. She was hoping for at least a little sympathy from Zach.

She later explained how Zach looks after the outside of the house while she looks after the inside. “I just wish you’d give me a little more credit,” she said, to which he replied, “I give you credit, but I also hold you accountable,” which she believes is why she has bad days.

On the farm owned by his family, Zach and Tori Roloff first spoke, and they began dating in 2010. Zach proposed in April 2014, and the pair got married in July 2015 on the family farm in front of more than 200 guests.

Their family expanded in January 2017 with the birth of their first son, Jackson. They had a daughter, Lilah Ray, in November 2019 and a son, Josiah Luke, in April 2022. With three children under six, one less than a year old, things can get hectic in the house.

Tori Roloff recently shared a seven-month update on Josiah, their newest child. “Wow, what a doozy!! We barely survived our first flu, plane ride, and Thanksgiving! “Josiah has had a lot of ups and downs this month, and he’s gained some fun skills!” she tweeted before listing a few achievements.

According to his mother, Josiah has two new teeth, is crawling and rolling around everywhere, has discovered a new ‘voice level,’ loves to eat, recently flew to Arizona for the first time, has a smile that will brighten your day, and a cry that will ‘tear a heart out.

“We love this kid so much,” Tori Roloff continued.