Valerie Bertinelli Openly Discloses Her Experience of Being Criticized for Her Appearance

Valerie Bertinelli is upfront about her mental health and a “hidden bruise.” Bertinelli uploaded a video to Instagram on February 12, 2023, where she could be seen walking and conversing with the camera. In addition to Bertinelli’s speech, we can hear a swishing sound as she walks throughout the video.

“I’m giggling because I had a small, hidden bruise activated today,” Bertinelli said. “My jeans are rubbing together, creating this particular sound, so you can probably hear them.” As she moved, her pants made a swishing noise.

Bertinelli claimed that she “stopped wearing” these particular pants due to being “mercilessly mocked” by an ex who used to remark that if she weren’t so lazy and lost weight, her pants wouldn’t make that noise.

Later, Bertinelli clarified what she meant when she said a “hidden bruise.” In her words, “Hidden bruises are something that emotional, verbal, and mental abuse does to you that people can’t see.”

“The work I’m doing on healing is working, so it’s now making me laugh,” she continued. “I put these jeans in storage for good. After working to cure her concealed bruise, she can “wear them, hear that sound, and to me, that sound represents freedom.”

Bertinelli noted at the end of her article that she was afraid to publish this video because she anticipated comments asking her to “let go of it” and “move on.” Even so, she uploaded it because “this is called moving on. We refer to this as healing. And welcome to everyone who can relate to this and feels heard. I am merely another member of your tribe.”

Valerie Bertinelli says her mental health 'improved immensely' after she  stopped looking at the scale

Her video received a lot of positive remarks in the comments section. Healing isn’t linear, as one commenter noted. But look at you! You’re prospering and surviving.

The following remark is posted: “Thank you for sharing the concept of hidden bruises.”

Another supporter chimed in, “So proud of you! Many people find inspiration in you and your strength.

Watch the video below to learn more about Bertinelli’s quest to overcome her past pain.

Can you relate to the concept of “hidden bruises”? Do you have any “hidden bruises”? Have you ever worn pants that made a swishing sound when you walked?