What the strange couple looks like now, ten years after their wedding was the talk of the nation

Nobody could have questioned the fact that this young bride and groom had forged a deep bond ten years ago. They certainly made an interesting and unique entrance during the wedding ceremony.

Several moments from their wedding day were captured in pictures. Even though some readers may not have seen these images before, they were widely discussed at the time because of the internet.

It’s true that criticism tended to dominate most comments made at the time. The couple’s informal style, which drew criticism from a range of quarters, surprised even the informals themselves.

The bride’s half-shaved head unexpectedly attracted more attention than the groom’s unusual long hairstyle. Regarding the probable future together of this remarkable couple, many assumptions were made. In reality, though, they had two more children and are now fairly similar to their peers.

The only discernible difference now is the husband’s perpetually long hair; the wife’s “strangeness” has long since vanished. She now adopts a blonde appearance, dresses femininely, and applies makeup that is standard.

Finding out what their kids think of the wedding photos and the younger versions of their parents would be fascinating. How quickly were the kids told about their parents’ pasts?

Let’s send this family our best wishes for eternal peace and love.

They have once again shown that the key to finding true happiness in life is having the freedom to make your own decisions and surround yourself with like-minded people.