Whom does Aquaman’s heart belong to?: Actor Momoa showed his wonderful family and delighted the fans

This great, overall-known and successful actor is best remembered for his roles as Aquaman and Drogo in «Game of Thrones». The legendary movie star has always won millions of female hearts with his brutality, athletic body and attractiveness.

This is what the prominent Hollywood actor’s beloved wife looks like. The spouses have long been facing criticism for their big age difference since Lisa is over 10 years older than her husband. And here are their two adorable children!

The future actor fell in love with his wife when he was still 8 and promised to find her when he grew up. They first met at a mutual friend’s house in 2005. Their age difference didn’t seem a problem for them.

What is more, the man was in a relationship at that time, but immediately broke up with his girlfriend and started a relationship with Lisa. Since then, they have been inseparable.

They are considered to be one of the Hollywood’s strongest couples. Do you agree?