Why did Steve Harvey break during this unexpected segment of his show?

Crying is often viewed as a sign of weakness, and men are frequently instructed from a young age to control their emotions. In our society, it’s unusual to witness a mature man cry.

This can be extremely harmful in the long run, leading to sadness and anxiety.While women experience a number of discriminatory practices that men do not, I believe this is the most upsetting.

Even massive, strong talk show hosts need to let it all hang out once in a while! Come on, everyone has the right to shed a few tears without being condemned.

On his birthday, the comedian’s staff surprised him with a one-of-a-kind gift. The team presented him with a plaque commemorating his numerous successes. Even though Steve Harvey was tired and didn’t want any surprises, he seemed to like the gesture.

The birthday boy appears dissatisfied with the unexpected delay in his presentation. He says as he reads the bizarre words from the teleprompter, “Calling in from Orlando via satellite. Let us discover who it is.”

When Steve sees the word Orlando, he is taken aback. He knows this person is unique to him for some reason, but he can’t pinpoint what it is. He understands this person’s significance to him and is grateful to have them in his life. Steve begins to cry when the guest’s face appears on the screen.

The man on tv welcomes Steve warmly, looking directly toward the camera. “Hello, my name is Rich Liss, and I’m calling to wish you a happy birthday,” the man says. Steve is so taken aback by the unexpected arrival that he can’t look back at the TV.

“Hey, man,” the host adds after a few moments. “I love you, man.”

Rich’s wife, Becky, stands at his side while the camera pans out. They’ve known each other for a long time. Steve recognizes her right away and wants to cry for her.

Steve began his career in comedy by performing with the Lisses. They handed him his first contract and loaned him the money to get started. When he sees them again after many years, he wants to express his gratitude for everything they’ve done for him.

Many folks are taken aback by Rich and Becky’s birthday surprise. Some people have never done anything like this to help someone in need. What would you do to repay them?