Why Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley were never parents. She finally made up her mind to speak it all:

Many years after her divorce from Michael Jackson, Lisa-Marie Presley put her heart in her teeth and explained why she had never had children with the King of Pop.

The tabloids also reported that they never had sex when they were married for two years. Lisa Marie, 51, disputes this, stating that she and her husband had a strong affection for one another.

However, she took the decision to postpone having children, and she did so in response to the pressure the media was putting on Michael at the time.

The former pop music star was accused of molesting Jordan Chandler, then 13 years old, during their marriage.

Michael eventually found another means to become a parent after being alienated from her because of her decision to never have children.

To start a family, he married Debbie Rowe, a nurse. After three years of marriage, the two got divorced in 1999, and Jackson was given exclusive custody of their children, Prince Michael Jr. and Paris.

In a recent interview, Rowe claimed that he never had intercourse with the actor and that he is not the biological father of their two children.