Woman Demands Her Daughter Back after Her Infertile Sister Adopted the Kid Years Ago

After adopting her niece from her sister, who didn’t feel she could care for a child, a woman is shocked to learn that her sister wants the child back due to some changes in her personal life.

Two years ago, a 36-year-old woman took to social media to find out if she was being unreasonable in her reaction to her sister wanting to take back the child she had given up for adoption.

The woman explained that her sister, whom she called “N,” had a one-night stand when she was 18 and got pregnant, unaware of who the father was. N also felt she couldn’t care for the child and decided to give it up for adoption.

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The original poster (OP) was infertile, so she decided to legally adopt her sister’s child to complete her family. Since giving birth and giving the little girl to her sister, N made no contact.

Why Did The Woman Want Her Child Back?

When the little girl, whom OP called “V,” was two years old, her birth father made contact, confirming that N had drunkenly confessed in a nightclub to giving birth to their child. OP had no hesitations in letting V meet her biological father and form a relationship.

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Soon after V’s birth father, “T,” met his daughter, he and OP developed a relationship worth keeping and got married. At the time of OP’s post, they had been married for seven years. However, N threw a spanner in the works when she called OP one day with a strange request.

N said she had married, but her husband could not have children, so OP asked her what she planned to do and suggested adoption. But she didn’t expect what her sister had in mind. OP shared:

“She said she would just need her baby back.”

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OP was left speechless and then recovered by saying that N was welcome to meet V as an aunt, and they could tell V the story of her birth, but there was no way N was taking her back because OP had legally adopted the little girl.

OP told N that although she was prepared to explain the situation to V, she was unwilling to give up the child she and T had raised. OP then shared, “She said she’ll sue me as she’s the birth mother.”

What Did V’s Dad Say?

While OP explained that she was unwilling to give up her child, she also told N that she had met and married T; at this point, N became furious and accused OP of stealing her life. OP confessed:

“I got too emotional and hung up.”

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OP told T about what happened, and he was also furious to hear that N would ask them to give up the daughter they had raised together after giving her up at birth.

What’s more, OP soon received a call from her parents telling her she was selfish and flaunting her life. They also accused OP of depriving N of seeing V.

OP explained to her parents that she had told her sister she was welcome to meet V as an aunt, but her parents would not hear of it. OP confessed to feeling bad because she and her sister used to be close, and she understood their infertility struggles.

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T told OP and N that there was no way N would get full custody of V back, and OP agreed but turned to social media users to find out if she had been too harsh with her sister on the phone call.

Although some people thought the situation should be mended between family, many others told the woman she was not unreasonable and that her sister was in the wrong.