Woman Finds Her Brother’s 3 Little Kids On Her Doorstep Left All Alone, Calls The Police

A 23-year-old woman shared on Reddit how her brother encouraged her to do something she had never intended to do.

The woman said that her brother, who is 27 years old, is the father of twins aged three and one who is five years old.

However, he would never check with his sister first before assuming she would be available whenever he needed a babysitter.

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The 23-year-old claimed that her brother would completely disobey her intentions and make her watch her niece and nephew. One day, her brother attempted the same prank once more, but the sister was unmoved. The brother did not believe his sister was capable, and she made threats to call the police.

Why Did She Call the Police on Her Brother?

The 23-year-old was on her way to her friend’s house that day when her brother called to say he was going to pick up the kids because he and his wife had other arrangements.

He was informed by the sister that she was not at home and that she had arrangements with pals. “He just laughed and said sucks for you, then your plans are canceled,” she said.

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She was astounded by her brother’s utter disregard for her schedule and plans. She argued however that she was occupied and unable to watch the children. But her brother remained steadfast as well. He assured her that he would leave the kids at her door and that she would be responsible for their safety if anything went wrong.

Because she claimed that she was unable to babysit, the sister informed her brother that she would contact the police. When her doorbell rang a little while later, she looked out to see her niece and nephews waiting outside because her brother had chosen not to pay attention.

She quickly began to fear. Fortunately, her companion consented to their turning around, and they told their other friend they would be running late. She contacted the police on the way home and arrived just as they did.

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The 23-year-old reported what had transpired to the police and gave them her brother’s contact information. The police attempted to phone him, but he didn’t pick up. Even when the authorities requested that the sister monitor the children until her brother arrived, the sister refused.

So, the kids were taken in by Child Protective Services. The aunt gave her niece and nephews assurances that everything would be alright and that they would receive excellent care.

Following through with her intentions, the 23-year-old slept the night at her friend’s house. When her brother called her at around 4:00 am to inquire about the whereabouts of his children, she informed him that Child Protective Services was in charge of them.

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She reminded her brother of their chat and added that it was his responsibility that things had gotten to that point as he continued to rant in her ear.

Unexpectedly, the problem turned out to be more serious. In addition to being accused of endangering a child on three counts, her brother and his wife also lost custody of the children. The 23-year-old is now being urged to take on the role of the children’s legal guardian.

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She consented to house them but kept it a secret from everyone outside her pals. Her brother, who had been trashing her phone and social media and accusing her of ruining his family, learned that his children were with her.

How Did the Rest of the Family React to Her Decision to Call the Police?

The 23-year-old began to feel bad about the entire circumstance. Her grandfather was the only one who agreed with her decision; everyone else thought it was wrong to split up a family without good cause.

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Although the sister was advised to “suck it up,” she felt she needed to act if she wanted her brother to take her seriously. Most importantly, she wanted to make it clear that she adored and enjoyed caring for her brother’s kids.

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However, she and her brother only had a deal in place if he requested her assistance at least a day in advance. She merely desired better contact with her brother and that he respect her time.

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The aunt liked spending time with her niece and nephews and had no regrets about taking them in. The commenters reassured her that she made the correct decision.

Commenters advised the 23-year-old that there must have been other things her brother did because he would not lose custody over one slip-up.

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People also argued that the brother should not have left the children at the door unattended because the sister had advised him against calling the police and notified him that she was away.

The fact that she looked out for the children’s interests led some commenters to feel that she was the ideal guardian.