Woman in coma went to Heaven claims she met Jesus – and came back with a message from God

Whether you believe in an afterlife or not, you’ll be prompted to consider what actually happens after a person passes away by the tale of a woman who was all but declared dead but lived.

A semi-truck “smashed” a woman by the name of Valerie Paters in March of 2020. The huge vehicle slammed into her automobile, severely injuring the driver. Valerie wouldn’t live, according to the first responders who arrived on the scene.

When Valerie arrived at the hospital, her family was informed that she had a poor prognosis. They had low expectations. Later, they said Valerie didn’t exhibit any cerebral activity.

The congregation of the church she attended joined her family and the doctors fighting for her life in prayer.

Cheryl, Valerie’s sister, never gave up. Instead, she prayed for God to give her sister the strength to survive. Cheryl cited Psalm 118:17, which states,“I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the LORD has done.” as the Scripture for her sister.She had no idea that her prayer would result in a remarkable event.

Valerie had a beautiful experience as her loved ones on Earth waited for her to recover. She claimed to have visited Heaven, which she described as having a blinding light. Once she opened her eyes, this woman said that it was Jesus himself who welcomed her to Heaven while he was smiling at her.

“I felt all this emotion that He had for me,” she recalled. “I felt like I was finally home… like I stepped into, finally, I belong.”

“He just wants me,” she said of Jesus. “It wasn’t anything that I did for Him. It wasn’t my performance. Nothing. It was just me, I wasn’t just loved by Him. But He was in love with me.”

Everyone was astonished by Valerie’s statements. She even described what transpired when Jesus instructed her to return to Earth.

Take a look at the video below for more information about this incredible tale.

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