Woman ‘Worked Hard’ to Pay For Her Wedding Dress, Comes Home Earlier but Sees Fiancé ‘Freaked Out’

When a soon-to-be bride bought her wedding dress, her fiancé’s mother expressed her wish to try it, but the woman refused. One day, she returned home from work and found her fiancé acting suspiciously while trying to stop her from entering her bedroom.

Many girls consider their wedding day one of the most important events of their lives, and they spend a lot of time planning it in the best way possible. They imagine themselves walking down the aisle dressed in a beautiful white ensemble while the love of their life waits for them at the altar.

Brides enjoy being the center of everyone’s attention on their big day. They can never imagine sharing the limelight with anyone or allowing someone else to try on their wedding dress. The woman in today’s story had similar feelings, but her future mother-in-law couldn’t understand her stance.

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A woman with the username “Repulsive_Scheme1359” posted a query on Reddit after she experienced something unusual at home. Before asking other people if she had done the right thing, she said she was preparing for her wedding with her fiancé.

The bride-to-be bought her wedding dress a few weeks before writing the post. Like other women, she wanted to look beautiful on her big day, so she spent $3,000 on the dress, unaware she wouldn’t be the first to wear it.

Soon after the woman bought her dress, her fiancé’s mother said she wanted to try it on because she really liked wedding dresses. When the woman refused, her future mother-in-law kept “pestering” her about it and even offered to pay $100 to try on the dress.

One day, the woman returned home from work and was surprised to see her fiancé at her place. “He freaked out after seeing me and tried to prevent me from going into my room while trying to text somebody on his phone,” the woman recalled.

Feeling suspicious of his actions, she entered her bedroom and saw her soon-to-be mother-in-law standing inside. What shocked the woman was that his fiancé’s mother was wearing her brand new wedding dress!

How Did the Bride-to-Be React?

“I instantly pulled out my phone and took a photo of her,” the Redditor recalled. She was shocked at her future mother-in-law’s audacity and threatened to show the photo to everyone in the family if she didn’t pay her for a new dress.

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The Redditor gave the woman three days to pay for a new wedding dress, but her fiancé thought she was overreacting. At that point, the mother-in-law left the room in tears while her son began shouting at his fiancée, saying his mother didn’t cause any harm and just wanted to try on the dress. The Redditor said:

“But I refused to listen to him because, in my opinion, the dress should only be worn by the bride and the bride only.”

The woma that she felt “disgusted” looking at her wedding dress and didn’t want to wear it anymore. Meanwhile, her fiancé thought she was treating his mother like an enemy, and the situation turned into a bitter argument between the couple.

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The woman was offended because she had “worked hard” to buy the dress, and her fiancé’s mother didn’t think twice before wearing it. However, when the woman told her family about it, they felt she overreacted and feared the conflict might ruin her relationship with her fiancé and his mother.

What Solution Did Her Fiancé Offer?

Soon, the woman’s fiancé called her to propose a solution to the problem. Besides offering to pay for the dress, he asked the woman to apologize to his mother. Moreover, he wanted her to give her phone to him so he could delete his mother’s picture.

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The woman shared that he also asked her to “swear” that she didn’t have more copies of the photo that she could show to her family members. She added:

“He asked that I quit his family group chat and log out of Facebook for at least a month.”

The woman said she wasn’t sure about agreeing to her fiancé’s conditions mainly because she didn’t want him to pay for the dress. She wanted his mother to pay because she was the one who wore it.

Do you think the woman did the right thing? Should she agree to her fiancé’s conditions and resolve the conflict? Or should she ask his mother to pay for the dress? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.