Woman’s mother-in-law refuses to eat her Thanksgiving dinner, brings her own cooked meals instead

A woman has taken to Reddit’s Am I The A*****e forum to share an ordeal that occurred over this year’s Thanksgiving holiday.

For most people, special occasions like Christmas and birthdays are a time when families are able to get together and celebrate – and this woman’s Thanksgiving holiday was no different (or so she thought).

With meticulous planning and excitement, she had prepared an extensive menu for the holiday, looking forward to hosting her family.

She had taken the time to prepare traditional meals, as well as special treats to wow her guests.

The woman spent a lot of time, effort, and money to make the holiday a lovely experience for the whole family.

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However, this all came crashing down when her 35-year-old husband dropped a bombshell revelation: his mother insisted on bringing her own dinner.

The woman questioned why her mother-in-law had decided to do so, especially considering the wide array of dishes she’d prepared – there was more than enough delicious food to go around.

Throughout the preparations, the husband said his mother was just a “grade A picky eater,” and that the woman was being insensitive and selfish.

Frustrated, the woman saw this as a commentary on her cooking, viewing it as rude and disrespectful. She communicated to her husband that if his mother couldn’t eat anything at their place, she was welcome to stay home.

In response, her husband accused her of being petty, claiming she was ruining the holiday. The woman, however, wanted her guests and family to be appreciative of the effort she’d made, and was not happy with the negativity of someone rejecting her after putting in so much hard work.

She shared her extensive Thanksgiving menu, which featured traditional dishes like roasted turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes, along with unique additions like roasted carrots, honey-glazed ham, and spinach, bacon, and feta cheese pies. Despite the variety, her mother-in-law insisted on bringing her own dinner.

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Redditors let rip in the comments section, with one person writing: “Your MIL should just eat before she gets to your house and then make herself a small plate and eat if she wants. There is no need for her to bring her own food. It is rude. The fact that she’s planning on hating your food is weird.”

Someone else added: “I would say to your husband that the meal is now HIS responsibility. If its ‘no big deal’ let him have at it. Walk away and spend your time on your leisure activities. What does he do when you’re doing all this work? After he has had one of his own ‘thanksgiving’ meals, he will appreciate you.”

In an update, the woman explained that, despite feeling hurt, her focus was on ensuring a perfect Thanksgiving for everyone. She planned to welcome her mother-in-law, ignoring any negativity and hoping she might try something new and enjoy it.

The woman resolved not to let her MIL ruin her day, choosing to be the bigger person for the sake of her family, taking the “kill them with kindness” approach.

What do you think of this situation? What would you have done? I don’t think I would have shown as much grace as this woman did; she clearly has a kind heart!