World’s Hairiest Girl Got Called Evil Names, But Wait Till You See This Brave Girl Today

Supatra is also known as “Chewbacca” after the Star Wars character, and someone reportedly described her as the hairiest female in the world.

Bangkok-born teenager Supatra “Nat” Susuphan is 17.

Even devilish nicknames like “Wolf Girl” and “Monkey Face” have been used against her. Supatra has overgrown hair from head to toe.

There are only fifty known individuals with Ambras Syndrome, including her. Her sickness is brought on by a defective gene.

There have only been 50 known cases of Ambras Syndrome worldwide since the Middle Ages.

Supatra broke the record for having the most hair of any girl in the world when she was 11 years old.

Supatra’s father Samreng reportedly verified to RT that she still has Ambras Syndrome. But after getting married to her love, she started shaving her face and body.

She speaks admiringly and tenderly about her husband. Facebook users who commented on the image wrote, “Not just my first lover, you’re the love of my life.”


Before it was properly understood, those who had Ambras Syndrome were referred to as “werewolves”.

Even though she was frequently referred to as “Wolf Girl,” she continued to express how grateful she was to be alive and laughing.

At the Guinness World Records ceremony in Rome in 2010, she said she doesn’t feel “any different to anyone else, and I’ve got lots of friends at school.”

She said, “Being hairy makes me special.” The time she was named the hairiest girl in the world was one of the most exciting times of her life.

Meeting Nat was one of the highlights of the competition for on-screen judge Marco Frigatti. Marco said, “She’s a remarkable little girl.”

“She’s proud of who she is and wants to be treated just like everyone else. She’s not the one with the problem – it’s only those who treat her differently who’ve got the problem,” he added.

Supatra required two operations after birth merely to make sure she could breathe. She grew to be cheerful despite having an illness as a child.

Supatra also continues to pursue her education. She revealed how much she enjoyed maths.


She said to the newsroom that she wanted to train to be a doctor so she could help and treat many others.

The little girl found it challenging to mature in a society where racist prejudices permeated every aspect of life. She struggled since she was shunned by students at school.

However, Supatra persisted, and eventually her community began to accept her.

As a child, she had little trouble making friends and playing with them. She is now happily married to the man she adores.

The saddest stories don’t always have happy endings, and Supatra is only getting started.

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